Help AWTY Build a School in Honduras

We're halfway to our goal, every little bit helps!

Schools for Children of the World (SCW) and the Awty International School of Houston, Texas are teaming up to build another school in Honduras!

The community they will be working in is El Limon and consists of 20 families that primarily work doing manual labor at a local ranch and orchard. The local priest helped raise funds to build a one-room adobe schoolhouse 50 years ago, but sadly the 2009 earthquake left the structure of the building severely damaged and unsafe to hold classes in. The new primary school will fit all 33 children with room to grow and will be handicap accessible, earthquake resistant, have running water, natural ventilation, electricity hookups and a new playground.

Won't you join their great cause? Please help the students of the Awty International School make this dream a reality.

Consider joining the Awty volunteer team in Honduras on August 11-17, 2019. Visit and click on Trips.

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