SCW Team Challenge

Together We Can Build a School

Let's join forces to build a school! For example, if four teams step up to each raise $5,250 we'll have enough funds to build a one-room school in rural Honduras.

Schools for the Children of the world is celebrating its 20th anniversary of building schools. We started with the hopes of completing one school project a year. To date, SCW and SCW affiliated organizations have completed 120 new and renovated school projects in the past 20 years. We are now in the mists of a 20 by 2020 campaign where we hope to complete 20 new schools by the year 2020. These efforts have all been accomplished by lots of volunteers. We have exactly one U.S. SCW employee, one part-time staff member in Haiti and a small staff in Honduras.

Individual school projects are often funded by school groups, church groups, family foundations, private companies (in Honduras), and individuals. The projects are funded on a matching formula where the funds SCW raises is matched by the local communities. Everyone has skin in the game and this model results in quality classrooms with local commitment, involvement and ownership of the schools.

It feels great to helps others. Please consider starting a team to join us in this SCW Team Challenge. Simply scroll down and click on the blue button labeled "Join or Create a Team" and set the goal you are willing to try to raise.


Your group can also join us on a trip to actually help build a school or playground as well.

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    Begona Fente

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    beatrice bengio

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    Anne Fontarosa

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    christel alexandrian

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    Joyce Feibelmann

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    Blats Ruff

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    jean Francois Grazi

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    steve Coulom

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    sabine Feibelmann

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    Dominique Robert

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    doublet pascale

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    Anonymous Donor

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    Maria helena Antolín Raybaud

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