Awty Middle School - SCW Jog-a-Thon : 6th & 8th grades

Thank You for sponsoring Awty Middle School students raise funds to build a new school in rural Honduras. Your kind donation will give kindergarten children in Honduras the opportunity to go to school in a more optimal learning environment. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Schools for Children of the World (SCW) and the Awty International School are teaming up again to build another school in Honduras!!!

This will be the 7th school project sponsored by AWTY in Honduras.

The community they will be working this year is in rural Comayagua, Honduras. The new kindergarten will fit all 33+ children with room to grow and will be handicap accessible, earthquake / hurricane resistant, have running water, natural ventilation, solar powered electricity hookups and a new playground.

Won't you join their great cause? Thank You for supporting the students of the Awty International School make this dream a reality.

Consider joining our volunteer team to Honduras on August, 2020. Visit and click on Trips.

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